VMware Windows 10 Guest Shared Folder Fixer

Windows 10 Shared folder hang in VMware Fusion.
According to @steve goddard, this is caused by Microsoft upgrades destroying registry settings.

I wrote a VBScript check and fix the registry.

github project: https://github.com/sskaje/vmware_windows_10_shared_folder_fixer

VMware Windows 10 Guest Shared Folder Fixer by @sskaje: https://sskaje.me/2016/08/vmware-windows-10-guest-shared-folder-fixer/

Base Convert and Base Encode

Base Convert

Base conversion is a very basic skill in programming.
I was taught converting between decimal(base-10) and binary(base-2), decimal(base-10) and octal(base-8), decimal(base-10) and hexadecimal(base-16), and of course among base 2-powered numbers(pow(2,n)).

The conversion is quite simple, division is the only arithmetic operation we need.
If we want to convert a base-m number to a base-n number by our hands, the common way is:
1 Convert base-m number A to base-10 number B;
2 Convert base-10 number B to base-n number C.
just because the base-10 is the most familiar base to humans.

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Base Convert and Base Encode by @sskaje: https://sskaje.me/2014/01/base-convert-base-encode/

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