FernFlower inside IDEA

IntelliJ IDEA 14 has FernFlower integrated.

To use:

FernFlower inside IDEA by @sskaje: https://sskaje.me/2014/11/fernflower-inside-idea/

Base Convert and Base Encode

Base Convert

Base conversion is a very basic skill in programming.
I was taught converting between decimal(base-10) and binary(base-2), decimal(base-10) and octal(base-8), decimal(base-10) and hexadecimal(base-16), and of course among base 2-powered numbers(pow(2,n)).

The conversion is quite simple, division is the only arithmetic operation we need.
If we want to convert a base-m number to a base-n number by our hands, the common way is:
1 Convert base-m number A to base-10 number B;
2 Convert base-10 number B to base-n number C.
just because the base-10 is the most familiar base to humans.

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Base Convert and Base Encode by @sskaje: https://sskaje.me/2014/01/base-convert-base-encode/

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Note: LLDB Debug OS X Application

The LLDB Debugger, as it’s said on http://lldb.llvm.org/:

LLDB is a next generation, high-performance debugger. It is built as a set of reusable components which highly leverage existing libraries in the larger LLVM Project, such as the Clang expression parser and LLVM disassembler.

I was trying to find an OllyDBG-like debugger on OS X, gdb & lldb are the two choices.
Affinic.com has GUI for these two debuggers, not so good.
Hopper Disassembler provides it’s own GDB Server app, still bad.

Only commands here:

Stop at entry:

Launch with args:

Read memory(stack like):

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Note: LLDB Debug OS X Application by @sskaje: https://sskaje.me/2014/01/note-lldb-debug-os-application/

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Duplicated: For those who cannot use lsof on a jailbroken iDevice

From Apple signed fake device attributes?

If you find the lsof not working with a message like ‘lsof: PID 3206 information error: Cannot allocate memory’, then you may need http://pupil.io8.org/pub/iphone/misc/lsof/lsof-arm7-iOS4.2 from http://modmyi.com/forums/native-iphone-ipod-touch-app-discussion/721184-lsof-problem.html. Then chmod +x lsof-arm7-iOS4.2

Tested under iOS 6.1.3 on iPod Touch 4.

Duplicated: For those who cannot use lsof on a jailbroken iDevice by @sskaje: https://sskaje.me/2013/10/duplicated-for-those-who-cannot-use-lsof-on-a-jailbroken-idevice/

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Apple signed fake device attributes?

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Apple signed fake device attributes? by @sskaje: https://sskaje.me/2013/10/apple-signed-fake-device-attributes/

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