HE.net Dynamic DNS on Ubiquiti Router

HE.net provides free DDNS service, compatible with DynDNS’s update format. Link: Dynamic DNS on HE.net. I’m using Ubiquiti EdgeRouter Lite, Dynamic DNS support can be found from web GUI console, but the server address is not configurable. Here is a copy of my config:

You can also configure from CLI.

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EdgeOS PPTP VPN客户端配置

背景及目标 买了个Ubnt EdgeRouter Lite,应同事的需求,研究配置自动翻墙。 考虑过之前配置的各种VPN:PPTP、L2TP、IPSec、AnyConnect/OpenConnect。目前搞定的只有PPTP。 本次配置使用远程PPTP Server,只考虑Google、Twitter和Facebook的自动翻墙,其他可以参照思路自己加路由和NAT。 环境 假设网络已经配置好,eth0为内网口,eth1为外网口。 Incoming search terms:latervcwidey52recallgmePPTP 客户端配置文件中各参数含义positivesdjoutsideqzanot5bcnegativevhymineralskv6minerals8ybman1i2anyonewtuinilfhasek9handsomeb1reightd8zedgeos l2tp vpndrewc1qdiscoverqaacastjbiLink to this post!