Set up PPPoE Server on Ubuntu

The Point-to-Point Protocol over Ethernet (PPPoE) is a network protocol for encapsulating PPP frames inside Ethernet frames. PPPoE Server, which should be formally called as PPPoE Access Concentrator Environment Ubuntu Trusty(14.04) rp-pppoe Preparation Remove pppoe from system and install dependencies from apt.

Version of pppoe on Ubuntu is 3.8 but what we get … Continue reading “Set up PPPoE Server on Ubuntu”


支持IPv6这事情不一定非得要路由上配,局域网内只要有Linux机器能用IPv6就行。 这种事情做之前,对于完全不会的人和会的人都很简单,但对我这种稍微懂一点的,还没做可能就先想多了。 测试环境 公司 路由:TP-Link某老旧企业路由,不支持IPv6 Linux:Debian Jessie, 服务主机,兼顾dns,dhcp等等服务,LAN接口eth0 网络:北京联通家庭光纤 PPPoE IPv6 服务:Tunnel Broker 其他软件:dnsmasq, dhcpd Incoming search terms:wireguard设置ipv6 dhcp-baijiahaoaccept7cnanybodyrx3LAN怎么成为IPv6stoodwx7企业路由ipv6局域网IPV6开启 RADVD维盟路由器 ipv6Link to this post!