Run HelloWorld on Jailbroken iOS 11

iPhone 5s, iOS 11.1 Jailbroken by Electra How to jailbreak Cydia Impactor and a new Apple ID required (You can use your own Apple ID at your risk). If any error occurs on Cydia Impactor, try to login in Xcode and remove useless app/cert. Trust your developer certificate in iOS Settings => General => Profiles … Continue reading “Run HelloWorld on Jailbroken iOS 11”

Set up DebugServer on iOS 7

I had my iPhone 4 jailbroken, so I can debug/crack apps on iPhone. Server: iPhone 4 + debugserver Client: Mac OS X + lldb Server DebugServer Debugserver can be found on iOS: /Developer/usr/bin/debugserver Just follow instructions: debugserver on iPhone Wiki

Save following content as a plist like dbg.plist

Apply the entitlement

If … Continue reading “Set up DebugServer on iOS 7”