PHP Man-in-The-Middle TCP Proxy

After learning modern PHP in past few days, I decide GIVING UP this language now. :( I wrote an MiTM proxy in PHP for TCP connection forwarding and hijacking, code can be found on github. This project is based on ReactPHP. It can be also installed from composer / I’ve coded some examples in … Continue reading “PHP Man-in-The-Middle TCP Proxy”

Debian 8 Systemd Change Service Ulimit

I was trying to set ulimit -n for redis-server, but neither /etc/security/limits.conf nor ulimit work. Here is the solution: 1 open /lib/systemd/system/redis-server.service 2 add following lines to ‘[Service]‘

3 reload daemon

4 restart service

Same for php5-fpm. Other ulimit related keys:

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