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EdgeRouter DNAT for Remote Socks Proxy Server

I set up an HAProxy for socks 5 proxy server on my edgerouters, listening on, forwarding to proxy server tunneled at You can find it: UBNT VPN + Socks5 代理. I chose this because of failure on setting destination NAT. The BAD thing is, HAProxy DOES NOT SUPPORT UDP. If I set foxyproxy […]

iOS 逆向

error: failed to launch process debugserver: Security

I jailbroken my iPhone 4s with iOS 8.2 and tried to ran debugserver, then I met this error:

Google doesn’t help. Just because, the App I’m trying to crack is an In-House app, not from AppStore, I have to ran it after installation and choose to trust the developer. Incoming search terms:NOUNDEFS DYLDLINK TWOLEVEL […]

iOS OS X 逆向

Set up DebugServer on iOS 7

I had my iPhone 4 jailbroken, so I can debug/crack apps on iPhone. Server: iPhone 4 + debugserver Client: Mac OS X + lldb Server DebugServer Debugserver can be found on iOS: /Developer/usr/bin/debugserver Just follow instructions: debugserver on iPhone Wiki

Save following content as a plist like dbg.plist

Apply the entitlement

If […]


Easy-RSA 3 HowTo

OpenVPN 自带了一套CA相关的脚本,乱七八糟的,用起来并没觉得有多easy,不过新版把文件整合了,github: Easy-RSA 3.0 今天刚Release。 配置 配置起来比较简单,把下列文件放在同一个目录里即可,或者下载官方的release,直接改名 vars.example 为 vars。 easyrsa openssl-1.0.cnf vars x509-types 以前的版本,需要修改vars文件,然后 source 加载一下,新版本可以用 –vars=/path/to/vars 或者完全靠命令行参数传参。 vars文件需要配置,可以看文件注释,给一个参考的版本。

Incoming search terms:cn_only vs org easyrsacagewbdcircus4qqimproveugwlawu2ttelephoneokcLink to this post!

Integer Factorization OS X 杂七杂八

Factoring Integer on OS X with CADO-NFS

Environment: Mac OS X 10.10, MacPorts 2.3.3, CADO-NFS 2.1.1 Dependencies Make sure all dependencies are installed. CADO-NFS Required software tools Required software tools GMP: usually installed in most Linux distributions (on some Linux distributions you need to install libgmp*-dev including gmp.h, which is not installed by default). Note: make sure to configure GMP with –enable-shared […]