Simplified Nginx Proxy for Google URLs in WordPress

In Nginx proxy for Google URLs in WordPress, I wrote lots of lines configuring proxies and subs_filter rules. Here is the newer simplified one:


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Brief Intro to Mallory

MiTM(Man in The Middle) is a good way analysing protocols, especially when there’s an SSL. To analyse HTTP/HTTPS protocol, we have Charles Proxy. Posts on my blog can be found (there’s another MiTM proxy, ‘mitmproxy’, and, will try later.) For others, mallory is recommended. Mallory Mallory is an extensible TCP/UDP man … Continue reading “Brief Intro to Mallory”

Nginx proxy for Google URLs in WordPress

I wrote a script how to make not bring down the load speed of WordPress for visitors from China. Here is the link: Google Font Api Proxy for WordPress To use this proxy, I have to edit themes’ files even the script-loader.php by WordPress, that’s a disaster for upgrading. Another problem is, I have … Continue reading “Nginx proxy for Google URLs in WordPress”

Virtualized ARM on Ubuntu

I was finding articles/wikis how to emulate an arm linux (armel) on centos/ubuntu, then I found this from MDN: This article uses an old release by linaro which based on Ubuntu natty that can no longer be found on As Ubuntu says, armel would not be supported, that’s why the latest code name … Continue reading “Virtualized ARM on Ubuntu”

Cloudera Mirror

Currently available for CentOS/RHEL 6 x86_64. Address: rsync:// Cloudera Manager Cloudera Manager 5.0.2 Cloudera Manager 5: installer for CM5, yum repo file for CM5 Cloudera Manager 4.8.3 Cloudera Manager 4: installer for CM4, yum repo file for CM4 Cloudera Distribution of Hadoop CDH’s official product page: Parcel is my favorite choice installing CDH … Continue reading “Cloudera Mirror”