MH: A CLI based Memory Editor for iOS/macOS

I write this project just because I don’t like those game memory editor like igg. Code: CMake is required for building. Build scripts already included in build/. Leave an issue if there’s any bugs/feature requests. Incoming search terms:ios memory editorbeneathjs3Borderlands 3 memory editercentznmDLG Memory editor iosfallenhygfellowrddhigher9m4led54klength9tvmemory editorservetelsingdi1Link to this post!

Run HelloWorld on Jailbroken iOS 11

iPhone 5s, iOS 11.1 Jailbroken by Electra How to jailbreak Cydia Impactor and a new Apple ID required (You can use your own Apple ID at your risk). If any error occurs on Cydia Impactor, try to login in Xcode and remove useless app/cert. Trust your developer certificate in iOS Settings => General => Profiles … Continue reading “Run HelloWorld on Jailbroken iOS 11”