MH: A CLI based Memory Editor for iOS/macOS

I write this project just because I don’t like those game memory editor like igg. Code: CMake is required for building. Build scripts already included in build/. Leave an issue if there’s any bugs/feature requests. Incoming search terms:impossible1zjIos memeory editorios memory editormemory editor for iOS JailedLink to this post!

Run HelloWorld on Jailbroken iOS 11

iPhone 5s, iOS 11.1 Jailbroken by Electra How to jailbreak Cydia Impactor and a new Apple ID required (You can use your own Apple ID at your risk). If any error occurs on Cydia Impactor, try to login in Xcode and remove useless app/cert. Trust your developer certificate in iOS Settings => General => Profiles … Continue reading “Run HelloWorld on Jailbroken iOS 11”