Set up PPPoE Server on Ubuntu

The Point-to-Point Protocol over Ethernet (PPPoE) is a network protocol for encapsulating PPP frames inside Ethernet frames. PPPoE Server, which should be formally called as PPPoE Access Concentrator Environment Ubuntu Trusty(14.04) rp-pppoe Preparation Remove pppoe from system and install dependencies from apt.

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OpenVPN Site-to-Site VPN between Asus Merlin And Ubnt EdgeRouter

前言 Network Topology RT-AC68U 使用PPPoE拨号上网,但是分配的IP是100.64.204.111, 看着像公网IP实际却是Carrier-grade NAT. 现在需要将RT-AC68U与一台在公网的EdgeRouter使用OpenVPN Site-to-Site连接起来,并在RT-AC68U端实现policy-based routing。 需要让RT-AC68U下的所有设备能访问EdgeRouter LAN的网络,并根据需求透过VPS访问指定互联网。 本实验参考下列文章: Set up OpenVPN Site-to-Site on UBNT EdgeRouter Lite EdgeRouter OpenVPN Connectivity Monitor EdgeRouter 策略路由实现分析 EdgeRouter Policy Based Routing Using DNSMASQ IPSET Incoming search terms:asuswrt-merlin site to site vpnauthor6hzclose13rfutureh1cherq81leadp9hsatxfostripjqgLink to this post!

EdgeRouter + SoftEther Policy-based Routing Error

I have protocol config like

SoftEther TAP device name is tap_se, local ip is, remote ip Internet is connected via pppoe0. Policy-based routing modified to table 4 route traffic to pppoe0 rather than tap_se. Check current route table:

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TunnelBroker for EdgeRouter Lite

创建隧道 在北京联通这种不给IPv6网络的ISP下生存,总有走v6翻墙的欲望。 免费的Tunnel服务很多,最出名莫过HE.net的TunnelBroker 首先申请一个Tunnel。 访问:

注册登录之后,创建并输入当前路由公网IP “YOUR.ROUTER.INTERNET.IP”。 创建成功后会被跳转到

XXXXX的部分是一串数字,所谓的Tunnel ID. 在这个页面上选择第二个标签页 “Example Configurations” 选择 “Vyatta / Ubiquiti EdgeMAX” 文本框会自动生成如下配置:

remote-ip是创建时选择的远端服务器IP,local-ip是本地当前的出口IP。 鉴于ISP给的IP都是动态的,所以local-ip改成如下‘’。 如果之前有配置过tunnel,需要重新配置,则先删除既有的:


Router Advert 配置完tunnel,就得配局域网内的配置了,毕竟只有路由能上v6是不够的

如果你本地的DNS规则有过配置,radvd-options 的配置一定要把ipv6地址设成路由器的v6地址 实践证明,我之前折腾了好久的dhcpv6没用,但是配置也可以贴出来

自动更新IP 之前一片EdgeRouter Lite相关的配置文章里,我把He.net提供的DDNS配置好了。Dynamic DNS on, Dynamic DNS on Ubiquiti Router. 脚本更新 首先按如下路径生成ddns专用的key

尝试过好多次,EdgeRouter Lite无法通过配置参数添加多个同类型的ddns配置。所以先提供一个简单粗暴的方法。 参考 的说明,有如下的客户端语法: … Continue reading “TunnelBroker for EdgeRouter Lite” Dynamic DNS on Ubiquiti Router provides free DDNS service, compatible with DynDNS’s update format. Link: Dynamic DNS on I’m using Ubiquiti EdgeRouter Lite, Dynamic DNS support can be found from web GUI console, but the server address is not configurable. Here is a copy of my config:

You can also configure from CLI.

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