Google IP Address Ranges

Google introduces its TXT/spf records including all Google’s IP: Google IP address ranges describes ipv4 ranges. describes ipv6 ranges is currently empty. Now we have list of IPv4 ranges, but we know google provides a public dns service, (for ipv6 2001:4860:4860::8888/2001:4860:4860::8844). we can treat these two as … Continue reading “Google IP Address Ranges”

Querying IP Blocks from

Whois is an old tool but an awesome tool querying ip blocks. There are many providers maintaining their route list, called Internet Routing Registry, IRR, in their databases, such as RADB, LEVEL3. A full list of Internet Routing Registries can be found: As facebook says, you can use

finding out which ips are … Continue reading “Querying IP Blocks from”

OpenConnect DNS Only + Google Only

I’m using 4G by China Mobile, but the DNS it provides really sucks. Changing DNS from Cellular Data on a not-jailbroken iPhone is impossible so far as I know (I tried mobileconfig but can find any working options). The first idea is pushing DNS from a PPTP server, which I wrote: Notes: PPTP/L2TP Server on … Continue reading “OpenConnect DNS Only + Google Only”

TunnelBroker for EdgeRouter Lite

创建隧道 在北京联通这种不给IPv6网络的ISP下生存,总有走v6翻墙的欲望。 免费的Tunnel服务很多,最出名莫过HE.net的TunnelBroker 首先申请一个Tunnel。 访问:

注册登录之后,创建并输入当前路由公网IP “YOUR.ROUTER.INTERNET.IP”。 创建成功后会被跳转到

XXXXX的部分是一串数字,所谓的Tunnel ID. 在这个页面上选择第二个标签页 “Example Configurations” 选择 “Vyatta / Ubiquiti EdgeMAX” 文本框会自动生成如下配置:

remote-ip是创建时选择的远端服务器IP,local-ip是本地当前的出口IP。 鉴于ISP给的IP都是动态的,所以local-ip改成如下‘’。 如果之前有配置过tunnel,需要重新配置,则先删除既有的:


Router Advert 配置完tunnel,就得配局域网内的配置了,毕竟只有路由能上v6是不够的

如果你本地的DNS规则有过配置,radvd-options 的配置一定要把ipv6地址设成路由器的v6地址 实践证明,我之前折腾了好久的dhcpv6没用,但是配置也可以贴出来

自动更新IP 之前一片EdgeRouter Lite相关的配置文章里,我把He.net提供的DDNS配置好了。Dynamic DNS on, Dynamic DNS on Ubiquiti Router. 脚本更新 首先按如下路径生成ddns专用的key

尝试过好多次,EdgeRouter Lite无法通过配置参数添加多个同类型的ddns配置。所以先提供一个简单粗暴的方法。 参考 的说明,有如下的客户端语法: … Continue reading “TunnelBroker for EdgeRouter Lite”

EdgeOS PPTP VPN客户端配置

背景及目标 买了个Ubnt EdgeRouter Lite,应同事的需求,研究配置自动翻墙。 考虑过之前配置的各种VPN:PPTP、L2TP、IPSec、AnyConnect/OpenConnect。目前搞定的只有PPTP。 本次配置使用远程PPTP Server,只考虑Google、Twitter和Facebook的自动翻墙,其他可以参照思路自己加路由和NAT。 环境 假设网络已经配置好,eth0为内网口,eth1为外网口。 Incoming search terms:castjbilatervcPPTP 客户端配置文件中各参数含义sentenceei2Link to this post!