Google’s Distract the Guards

Distract the Guards =================== The time for the mass escape has come, and you need to distract the guards so that the bunny prisoners can make it out! Unfortunately for you, they’re watching the bunnies closely. Fortunately, this means they haven’t realized yet that the space station is about to explode due to the destruction … Continue reading “Google’s Distract the Guards”

Google’s Doomsday Fuel

I tried a simple way in my very first solution, only two test cases passed. Then I google’d other ppl’s test cases, and found this. This challenge is about mathematics, not traditional algorithms. Thanks to this, I learned Markov Chains and Absorbing Markov Chains. Thanks to @patrickJMT for his videos on youtube. All test cases, … Continue reading “Google’s Doomsday Fuel”

OpenConnect DNS Only + Google Only

I’m using 4G by China Mobile, but the DNS it provides really sucks. Changing DNS from Cellular Data on a not-jailbroken iPhone is impossible so far as I know (I tried mobileconfig but can find any working options). The first idea is pushing DNS from a PPTP server, which I wrote: Notes: PPTP/L2TP Server on … Continue reading “OpenConnect DNS Only + Google Only”

Google IP Address Ranges

Google introduces its TXT/spf records including all Google’s IP: Google IP address ranges describes ipv4 ranges. describes ipv6 ranges is currently empty. Now we have list of IPv4 ranges, but we know google provides a public dns service, (for ipv6 2001:4860:4860::8888/2001:4860:4860::8844). we can treat these two as … Continue reading “Google IP Address Ranges”

Set up Port Proxy for Google

I found some ways making most of google’s services working in my working place, but not for google docs, google drive, google plus… I got a VPS somewhere, windows 2003, which is quite easy creating a port proxy. Steps: Make sure you have 443 port not in use. Install IPv6 To make the portproxy work … Continue reading “Set up Port Proxy for Google”