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iOS IPSec VPN Server on Ubuntu

I Google-ed a lot configuring IPSec VPN for iOS with OpenSwan, nothing useful but Iphone/Ipad/Mac OSX IPSEC VPN with Strongswan 5 on Centos/RHEL 6 which is on RHEL/CentOS and with strongswan found. I tried to configure openswan like strong swan, failed. StrongSwan‘s official wiki helps a lot: iOS 4 and newer supports native IPsec […]

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Apple signed fake device attributes?

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iOS OS X 学习研究 操作系统相关 逆向

How to get iDevice’s UDID from Mobile Safari?

This is an old topic, just make it as an intro to the coming article. If you want to collect iOS users’ device detail, such as Serial Number, UDID, IMEI, you’ll find Apple provides an application called ‘iPhone Configuration Utility’. You can download the iPhone Configuration Utility for Windows here and for OS X here. […]