EdgeRouter + SoftEther Policy-based Routing Error

I have protocol config like

SoftEther TAP device name is tap_se, local ip is, remote ip Internet is connected via pppoe0. Policy-based routing modified to table 4 route traffic to pppoe0 rather than tap_se. Check current route table:

In my previous post, I added a softether start-up script in /config/scripts/post-config.d/. I … Continue reading “EdgeRouter + SoftEther Policy-based Routing Error”

SoftEther Error 13 with HAProxy or SNIProxy

I set up an HAProxy (also tried SNIProxy) on my EdgeRouter, sharing port 443 for internal port forwarding and SoftEther Server on Router. When I connect to port 443 from another SoftEther Server, I got a Timeout error, my error message was in Simplified Chinese on my Windows box, I googled and found other ppl … Continue reading “SoftEther Error 13 with HAProxy or SNIProxy”

SNIProxy 绑定设备后连接超时

edgerouter lite 我之前是tun模式的openvpn site-to-site,网络拓扑很简单,local tun remote tun,简单配个ip就行,edgerouter上直接使用interface-route 跳转到local tun就行了。 后来换用了softether,tap模式,于是需要自己配置IP和路由表。我简单地把firewall modify的地址组切到新的设备上,但是之前的 google dns 和 sniproxy 都保留在openvpn侧。但是最近openvpn被查的厉害,ssh也是被盯上了,所以不得不切换设备到 softether 的 tap 上。

测试,发现连接超时。测试使用的域名是 download.oracle.com,解析的ip是。 路由上tcpdump


所以。。。加路由吧。 因为公司是固定IP,所以之前配的是 system gateway-address。 这个时候直接配静态路由会报错:


注意一下,delete执行完后需要先commit,否则还会报错。 验证一下

如果执行命令前会纠结是否生效,简单 route add 测试一下即可。无比保证vpn的metric比默认网关的大。 另,interface-route + route 的混合模式没测试。 Incoming search terms:sniproxy ip rangeLink to this post!