Easy-RSA 3 HowTo

OpenVPN 自带了一套CA相关的脚本,乱七八糟的,用起来并没觉得有多easy,不过新版把文件整合了,github: https://github.com/OpenVPN/easy-rsa Easy-RSA 3.0 今天刚Release。 配置 配置起来比较简单,把下列文件放在同一个目录里即可,或者下载官方的release,直接改名 vars.example 为 vars。 easyrsa openssl-1.0.cnf vars x509-types 以前的版本,需要修改vars文件,然后 source 加载一下,新版本可以用 –vars=/path/to/vars 或者完全靠命令行参数传参。 vars文件需要配置,可以看文件注释,给一个参考的版本。

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Macports Cmake with Outdated Frameworks

Cmake always got failed when upgrading macports:

In that cmake/main.log:

These symbols must be from libcurl or other similar name, the only possible one in macports is ‘curl‘, which, I tried, is not the solution. More in that log file:

This libcurl.framework is not introduced by Xcode 5 or 6, in fact, … Continue reading “Macports Cmake with Outdated Frameworks”