Setup WPAD on EdgeRouter

Previously, I wrote Setup WPAD on Asus Merlin. Similar on EdgeRouter. 1 Configure Domain name. System

DHCP service

2 Prepare wpad.dat I don’t have wpad.dat deployed on my router, but an internal Ubuntu server with nginx as httpd, IP wpad.dat is located to default server root, if you have your custom, make … Continue reading “Setup WPAD on EdgeRouter”

Setup WPAD on Asus Merlin

I have flashed my Asus RT-AC68U to Merlin, SSH has been enabled. This is a tutorial about setting up WPAD on Asus router. Environment Router: RT-AC68U Firmware: Merlin 380.59 Router IP: Local Domain: my.home.local Router Admin Account: admin DHCPd: dnsmasq Prepare SSH to router, and check files.

Web root is set to /www, … Continue reading “Setup WPAD on Asus Merlin”