Delete Unexpected from Cloudera Manager

I have cloudera manager 5.0.0 installed in my small cluster, tried to delete some nodes and then found cloudera manager not working, exceptions thrown in the landing page and 500 in the hosts page, almost null pointer exception everywhere. Next time when I restart cm and log into CM, agent upgrading guide begins again. Here … Continue reading “Delete Unexpected from Cloudera Manager”

Cloudera Manager Drop Database/User on Embedded Postgresql

First, you have to find out where the password locates. I ran these on which Cloudera Manager locates.

The cloudera-scm is the superuser. And the first line in that file is the password. To drop a database, dropdb is the command:

Commands may like:

To drop a user, using dropuser: … Continue reading “Cloudera Manager Drop Database/User on Embedded Postgresql”