Cloudera Manager Drop Database/User on Embedded Postgresql

First, you have to find out where the password locates. I ran these on which Cloudera Manager locates.

The cloudera-scm is the superuser. And the first line in that file is the password. To drop a database, dropdb is the command:

Commands may like:

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Manually Upgrade CDH 5.2 in CM 5

I was interrupted again when upgrading CDH. HDFS This time, NameNode was not started, I have to bring them up and resume the upgrade progress. I didn’t save any log about NN’s error, stop all HDFS components and ran ‘Upgrade HDFS Metadata‘, then start HDFS.

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Hive MetaStore Schema Upgrade Failed When Upgrading CDH5

Manually upgrade:

Incoming search terms:Required table missing : VERSION in Catalog SchemaLink to this post!