Cisco AnyConnect Clients 3.1.05170 download

Available for OS X, Windows, Linux, but unfortunately I didn’t figure out how to use it with OpenConnect when using public key authentication. OpenConnect Public Key Authentication Open Connect Server Configuration (Working for iOS) OpenConnect on Ubuntu OCServ with AnyConnect on OSX Download: Incoming search terms:cisco anyconnect version 3 1 downloadcisco anyconnect download 3 … Continue reading “Cisco AnyConnect Clients 3.1.05170 download”

Cisco AnyConnect Client for OS X/Windows/Linux (Version 3.1.05160)

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anyconnect 外部控制管理vpn连接

之前公司所有人都使用iPhone,为了方便微信网页测试,用AnyConnect来实现DNS推送,将微信的网页域名指向不同开发、测试环境的IP。 iOS可以使用Apple Configurator生成mobileconfig文件来配置AnyConnect。最早使用这份配置的时候,发现如果使用密码认证,即便配置文件里写了用户名和密码,iOS的AnyConnect还是会需要用户再输入一次密码。所以一直以来用AnyConnect做的各种解决方案都是使用证书的方式,将用户证书和CA证书一并集成到mobileconfig文件里。 不幸的是去年下半年的某天,突然就发现iOS的AnyConnect连上了VPN,但是DNS不生效了。 那会儿,iOS升级到10.2之后的某个版本,AnyConnect在iOS平台推出了新版客户端,老的改名Legacy了。 换了新版,同样的配置文件下发方式,这回问题更大了,直接连不上。日志里看到的内容大概是客户端不知道该用哪份证书进行身份验证。 研究了cisco的文档,发现可以用 anyconnect://connect 直接呼起客户端的连接操作,而这个链接iOS和Android都可用。 链接类似如下: anyconnect://connect/?name=Int& 不过由于安全原因,AnyConnect默认将“外部控制”的功能关闭了。(其实,我之前一直以为这个是服务器可以推送客户端执行命令的功能,所以很敏感) 在设置中改为提示 或者 启用。 而,之前dns不生效的功能,现在只能开启 split-dns 了。 Incoming search terms:amountockanyconnect split dnsanyconnect 管理anyconnectios地址compasshzaenemyz1cfunctionlneiceziximportantxblmobileconfig anyconnectpost64nsoundletstaredok9vpn any connect破解www anyconnect://connect/?name=Int&host=vpn-internal sskaje me:8433&prefill_usyouradnLink to this post!

OCServ with AnyConnect on OSX

I tried a lot to make Cisco Anyconnect Secure Mobility Client work with OCServ, on OSX, on Windows, all failed. But the AnyConnect for iOS works fine. You can download the latest clients from: Cisco AnyConnect Clients 3.1.05170 download, 3.1.05182 is also provided. AnyConnect for OSX always says:

In /var/log/system.log:

I read the … Continue reading “OCServ with AnyConnect on OSX”

OpenConnect Public Key Authentication

Here are old articles about OpenConnect, the open source AnyConnect server: OpenConnect on Ubuntu Open Connect Server Configuration (Working for iOS) Cisco AnyConnect Client for OS X/Windows/Linux (Version 3.1.05160) This time, OCServ 0.80 on Ubuntu 14.04. And still doesn’t work for OS X. I was using password based authentication, but clients on iOS can not … Continue reading “OpenConnect Public Key Authentication”