Generate Certificate with GnuTLS and Sign with OpenSSL

In iOS IPSec VPN Server on Ubuntu, I create a local CA with openssl. I’m setting up an OpenConnect VPN, which uses GnuTLS’s certtool generating ca and sign certificates. I want to use share the same Root CA for both OpenSSL and GnuTLS, so I’m generating request from GnuTLS and signing with OpenSSL. Apple has … Continue reading “Generate Certificate with GnuTLS and Sign with OpenSSL”

GnuTLS Certificate Authority Commands

Apple has its own certtool, GnuTLS’ certtool is renamed as gnutls-certtool in MacPorts. Create Private Key GnuTLS


Create Certificate Request GnuTLS You can also create your own template file rather than filling interactively.


Sign request GnuTLS

OpenSSL I don’t like openssl.cnf! Show certificate information GnuTLS


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Open Connect Server Configuration (Working for iOS)

Working for iOS only, but for OSX, (Cisco AnyConnect Client for OS X 3.1.05160), captive portal is detected. ‘Web Authentication Required’ and error log like

OpenConnect on Ubuntu Generate Certificate with GnuTLS and Sign with OpenSSL Incoming search terms:ROUTETABLE_ERROR_GETBESTROUTE_FAILEDNo valid certificates available for authentication192 168 1 99;29001no valid certificates available for authentication 設定ANyConnect No … Continue reading “Open Connect Server Configuration (Working for iOS)”