MH: A CLI based Memory Editor for iOS/macOS

I write this project just because I don’t like those game memory editor like igg.


CMake is required for building. Build scripts already included in build/.

Leave an issue if there’s any bugs/feature requests.

MH: A CLI based Memory Editor for iOS/macOS by @sskaje:

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OSX Change Roaming Preference

On my macbook pro, default values are:

修改 JoinMode 为 Preferred

OSX Change Roaming Preference by @sskaje:

Build GnuTLS 3.4.x on OS X

Mac OS X El Captain
MacPorts: gsed, gawk
GMP: 6.1.0 from
libidn: 1.32 from
nettle: 3.1 from
libtasn1: 4.7
p11-kit: 0.23.2 from
GnuTLS: 3.4.7 from
libunbound: 1.5.7 from
Install path: /opt/gnutls

Build GMP

Build libidn

Build libtasn1

Build nettle

Build p11-kit

Build libunbound

Build GnuTLS

If your GnuTLS is cloned from git, install libtool and autogen, autoconf, automake,
and configure with –disable-doc

Trouble Shooting


Build GnuTLS 3.4.x on OS X by @sskaje:

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OS X Create Casper-RW

1 Install e2fsprogs

MacPorts is required.

2 Create file using dd

Create an 8GB casper-rw file.
If you’re on an FAT32 partition, the largest single file size can be 4GB.

3 Format casper-rw

OS X Create Casper-RW by @sskaje:

Mac DNS解析失败

OS X 10.10.4
使用ping提示ping: cannot resolve Unknown host

Mac DNS解析失败 by @sskaje:

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