Cisco AnyConnect Clients 3.1.05170 download

Available for OS X, Windows, Linux, but unfortunately I didn’t figure out how to use it with OpenConnect when using public key authentication.
OpenConnect Public Key Authentication
Open Connect Server Configuration (Working for iOS)
OpenConnect on Ubuntu

OCServ with AnyConnect on OSX


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Cisco AnyConnect Clients 3.1.05170 download by @sskaje:

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Set up Port Proxy for Google

I found some ways making most of google’s services working in my working place, but not for google docs, google drive, google plus…

I got a VPS somewhere, windows 2003, which is quite easy creating a port proxy.

Make sure you have 443 port not in use.

Install IPv6

To make the portproxy work on windows 2003, IPv6 must be installed, even for a v4 to v4 proxy.

Create the portproxy

Syntax can be found here: Netsh commands for Interface Portproxy

Check if port is open

After the add operation, check if the 443 port is open using:

Delete the portproxy

Same syntax as above.

Create portproxy on Port 80

Set up Port Proxy for Google by @sskaje: