Set up DebugServer on iOS 7

I had my iPhone 4 jailbroken, so I can debug/crack apps on iPhone.

Server: iPhone 4 + debugserver
Client: Mac OS X + lldb



Debugserver can be found on iOS: /Developer/usr/bin/debugserver
Just follow instructions: debugserver on iPhone Wiki

Save following content as a plist like dbg.plist

Apply the entitlement

If entitlement above is not applied, debugserver won’t be able to listen to a TCP port.

Remove FairPlay

FairPlay is Apple’s DRM applied to apps on AppStore.
If you see cryptid 1 like below, try Clutch!

Disable ASLR

Try otool -hv to your App, if you see PIE flags, you have to disable ASLR.

See: Mach-O Disable ASLR/PIE

Make sure you have python installed on your iPhone.

Find your target app.


Copy a decrypted and de-aslr-ed app binary to your OS X and:

Set up DebugServer on iOS 7 by @sskaje:

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Build mosquitto 1.45 on OS X with MacPorts

1 Get tar ball from
2 tar xvf
3 Add following lines to CMakeLists.txt.


4 cmake .
5 make

Build mosquitto 1.45 on OS X with MacPorts by @sskaje:

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Enable Debug on OS X Profiles

Enable debug:

Watch Logs:
Console displays

Disable debug:

Enable Debug on OS X Profiles by @sskaje:

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Build GnuTLS 3.4.x on OS X

Mac OS X El Captain
MacPorts: gsed, gawk
GMP: 6.1.0 from
libidn: 1.32 from
nettle: 3.1 from
libtasn1: 4.7
p11-kit: 0.23.2 from
GnuTLS: 3.4.7 from
libunbound: 1.5.7 from
Install path: /opt/gnutls

Build GMP

Build libidn

Build libtasn1

Build nettle

Build p11-kit

Build libunbound

Build GnuTLS

If your GnuTLS is cloned from git, install libtool and autogen, autoconf, automake,
and configure with –disable-doc

Trouble Shooting


Build GnuTLS 3.4.x on OS X by @sskaje:

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Reset Terminal

If you’re using Terminal on OS X, just try ‘Send Reset‘ and ‘Send Hard Reset‘ in File menu.

Fix terminal size

Often occurs after screen.
Sometimes, try Control(ctrl)+L,
sometimes, try

Random characters after cat a binary file, often in SecureCRT

Unix: How to fix UNIX garbage characters in your terminal

Press: Control(ctrl)+v, Control(ctrl)+o, Enter, Control(ctrl)+d

Newline does not work

Output like:



These links might be helpful.

Reset Terminal by @sskaje: