TCPDUMP Capture Netlink Packets

I’m writing a Wireshark Dissector for IPSET’s protocol. Commands below are to capture netlink packets using tcpdump.

TCPDUMP Capture Netlink Packets by @sskaje:

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EdgeRouter Policy Based Routing Using DNSMASQ IPSET


EdgeRouter的Policy Based Routing(PBR)使用的是自带配置语法的firewall modify功能。
EdgeRouter – Policy-based routing for destination port
EdgeRouter – Policy-based routing (source address based)

第二篇文章顺带提了network-group。之前在配置VPN时,使用过network-group,还比较过使用firewall modify + network-group 与配置一堆interface-route的区别。

而,这里的network-group的实现,使用了netfilter的ipset。Man pages可以看这里,命令在edgerouter上也附带了。

dnsmasq支持 ‘–ipset‘ 参数,把对配置域名解析的IP存入到指定的ipset。具体细节可以看dnsmasq的文档


domain 部分参考 address 的语法。例如:


ipset本身支持timeout,但是edge os的network-group不支持,所以在配置dnsmasq之前,最好创建一个新的network-group。

假定新建的ipset名叫 MY_SET,edge router的主要相关配置如下:

其他诸如配置 static table, interface firewall 可以参考最前边的文档。

EdgeRouter Policy Based Routing Using DNSMASQ IPSET by @sskaje:

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SoftEther between VPS and UBNT EdgeRouter

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SoftEther between VPS and UBNT EdgeRouter by @sskaje:

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SoftEther Error 13 with HAProxy or SNIProxy

I set up an HAProxy (also tried SNIProxy) on my EdgeRouter, sharing port 443 for internal port forwarding and SoftEther Server on Router.

When I connect to port 443 from another SoftEther Server, I got a Timeout error, my error message was in Simplified Chinese on my Windows box, I googled and found other ppl meet same error, English message like:

Error (Error Code 13):
Time-out occurred during VPN session communication. It is possible the connection from the client to the VPN Server has been disconnected.

In my case, external SE connect to RouterIP:443, HAProxy(SNIProxy) listens on 443 and split SE connections to localhost:24443 which is listened by SoftEther on Router.

Since HAProxy/SNIProxy does not handles UDP packets, I tried to set up an port forwarding for UDP 443, not working.

The only solution is TICK the ‘Disable UDP Acceleration / 禁用 UDP 加速功能功能 / UDP 高速化機能を無効にする’ from:
Manage Virtual Hub -> Manage Cascade Connections -> Edit -> Advanced Settings -> Disable UDP Acceleration

SoftEther Error 13 with HAProxy or SNIProxy by @sskaje:

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