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Virtualized ARM on Ubuntu

By @sskaje

I was finding articles/wikis how to emulate an arm linux (armel) on centos/ubuntu, then I found this from MDN:

This article uses an old release by linaro which based on Ubuntu natty that can no longer be found on
As Ubuntu says, armel would not be supported, that’s why the latest code name of ubuntu supporting armel is begin with ‘Q’.

I found another server release and a new nano, tried that with similar commands, notes are below:

Virtualized ARM on Ubuntu by @sskaje:
Linux VPN 操作系统相关 笔记

Notes: PPTP/L2TP Server on Ubuntu

By @sskaje

From: and

This is an integrated & simplified intro about installing pptp/l2tp server on ubuntu 12.04.


pptpd, xl2tpd, openswan are needed.
ppp should be installed by default, you can apt-get install ppp just for sure.
dnsmasq is needed to simplify dns issue.
So, just type commands:


Server ip is assigned as:
Client ip are in :

Notes: PPTP/L2TP Server on Ubuntu by @sskaje: