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OSX Change Roaming Preference

By @sskaje

On my macbook pro, default values are:

修改 JoinMode 为 Preferred

OSX Change Roaming Preference by @sskaje:

Build GnuTLS 3.4.x on OS X

By @sskaje

Mac OS X El Captain
MacPorts: gsed, gawk
GMP: 6.1.0 from
libidn: 1.32 from
nettle: 3.1 from
libtasn1: 4.7
p11-kit: 0.23.2 from
GnuTLS: 3.4.7 from
libunbound: 1.5.7 from
Install path: /opt/gnutls

Build GMP

Build libidn

Build libtasn1

Build nettle

Build p11-kit

Build libunbound

Build GnuTLS

If your GnuTLS is cloned from git, install libtool and autogen, autoconf, automake,
and configure with –disable-doc

Trouble Shooting


Build GnuTLS 3.4.x on OS X by @sskaje:

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OS X 下采集程序调用:sample

By @sskaje


sample — Profile a process during a time interval

sample is a command-line tool for gathering data about the running behavior of a process. It suspends
the process at specified intervals (by default, every 1 millisecond), records the call stacks of all
threads in the process at that time, then resumes the process. The analysis done by sample is called
sampling” because it only checks the state of the program at the sampling points. The analysis may
miss execution of some functions that are not executing during one of the samples, but sample still
provides useful data about commonly executing functions.


OS X 下采集程序调用:sample by @sskaje:
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OSX Server 4.0 Redeem Code

By @sskaje

Free for developers.

Click here

Apple Developer Redeem Codes
Free OS X Yosemite(10.10) Developer Preview Redeem Code for Developers
Apple gives free OS X Server 3.0 redeem codes to developers

OSX Server 4.0 Redeem Code by @sskaje:

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Macbook Pro Boot Failure

By @sskaje


I’m using MacBook Pro with Retina Display, Mid 2012. Partition is not changed, Volume label is ‘Macintosh HD‘.

I was trying to wake my macbook pro up in airport, the monitor was not lightened. Then I forced shutdown and reboot, monitor was still dark. I tried a lot, not work.
I thought I should reset PRAM, after that I saw the apple logo with gray progress bar, running to 20% at most, then computer shutdown.

UPDATE[2014-10-11]: One of my friends met the same progress bar, but resetting PRAM works for him.

Macbook Pro Boot Failure by @sskaje:

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