Reset Terminal

If you’re using Terminal on OS X, just try ‘Send Reset‘ and ‘Send Hard Reset‘ in File menu.

Fix terminal size

Often occurs after screen.
Sometimes, try Control(ctrl)+L,
sometimes, try

Random characters after cat a binary file, often in SecureCRT

Unix: How to fix UNIX garbage characters in your terminal

Press: Control(ctrl)+v, Control(ctrl)+o, Enter, Control(ctrl)+d

Newline does not work

Output like:



These links might be helpful.

Reset Terminal by @sskaje:

OS X 下采集程序调用:sample


sample — Profile a process during a time interval

sample is a command-line tool for gathering data about the running behavior of a process. It suspends
the process at specified intervals (by default, every 1 millisecond), records the call stacks of all
threads in the process at that time, then resumes the process. The analysis done by sample is called
sampling” because it only checks the state of the program at the sampling points. The analysis may
miss execution of some functions that are not executing during one of the samples, but sample still
provides useful data about commonly executing functions.


OS X 下采集程序调用:sample by @sskaje:

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FernFlower inside IDEA

IntelliJ IDEA 14 has FernFlower integrated.

To use:

FernFlower inside IDEA by @sskaje: