OpenConnect on Ubuntu

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OpenConnect is an open source implementation of Cisco’s AnyConnect SSL VPN which is natively supported by iOS(You can create profile with Apple Configurator like iOS IPSec VPN Server on Ubuntu).

OpenConnect VPN Server can be found on and downloaded from, manual
Let’s build it on Ubuntu 13.10!

Download & Extract


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OpenConnect on Ubuntu by @sskaje:

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iOS IPSec VPN Server on Ubuntu

I Google-ed a lot configuring IPSec VPN for iOS with OpenSwan, nothing useful but Iphone/Ipad/Mac OSX IPSEC VPN with Strongswan 5 on Centos/RHEL 6 which is on RHEL/CentOS and with strongswan found. I tried to configure openswan like strong swan, failed.

StrongSwan‘s official wiki helps a lot:

iOS 4 and newer supports native IPsec VPN via IKEv1 (otherwise referred to as Cisco IPSec in iOS) and is able to interoperate with strongSwan.


Work station

OS X 10.9
openssl from macports(OpenSSL 1.0.1f 6 Jan 2014).
Apple Configurator

VPN Server

Ubuntu 13.10


iOS 7.0.5
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iOS IPSec VPN Server on Ubuntu by @sskaje:

Notes: PPTP/L2TP Server on Ubuntu

From: and

This is an integrated & simplified intro about installing pptp/l2tp server on ubuntu 12.04.


pptpd, xl2tpd, openswan are needed.
ppp should be installed by default, you can apt-get install ppp just for sure.
dnsmasq is needed to simplify dns issue.
So, just type commands:


Server ip is assigned as:
Client ip are in :

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Notes: PPTP/L2TP Server on Ubuntu by @sskaje: