Running Atlassian Confluence/Bamboo/Bitbucket behind Nginx with SSL

It’s easy to set up a reverse proxy forwarding requests to Atlassian’s products.

If you look up posts on Atlassian’s official confluence, you’ll get something correct but confusing.

Here is my nginx configuration, for all products except Confluence:

I have haproxy in front of Nginx, if you don’t, let nginx listens to and

And, for built-in tomcat, make sure you have following lines in server.xml:

So bitbucket’s server.xml looks like

All other fields are all default values.

For Confluences, there’s something really stupid: ‘synchrony’.
According to official confluence, add lines below to nginx:

Other wise you’ll get function corrupted.

Running Atlassian Confluence/Bamboo/Bitbucket behind Nginx with SSL by @sskaje:



1 正常安装;
2 官网申请试用key,并激活试用;
3 更新既有的插件或组件,并及安装所需的插件,同样申请试用key;
4 停服务,Patch所有文件;
5 起服务,更新key。

人肉拿新key替换 data/confluence.cfg.xml 里的license就行。

更新了Jira/Confluence的patch脚本 by @sskaje:

Incoming search terms:

Jira Patched

Jira is awesome, I studied its registration and made a patch+keygen for fun. Here is what I get.
Jira Patched

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Jira Patched by @sskaje: