Cloudflare IP Ranges

Official list:

You can also query from radb:

BTW: I only add in my route collection.

Cloudflare IP Ranges by @sskaje:

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Facebook IP Ranges

Facebook’s official developer site has a page:

showing how to get ip addresses used by crawler.

you can also use my project to query AS-FACEBOOK.

Facebook IP Ranges by @sskaje:

Google IP Address Ranges

Google introduces its TXT/spf records including all Google’s IP: Google IP address ranges describes ipv4 ranges. describes ipv6 ranges is currently empty.

Now we have list of IPv4 ranges, but we know google provides a public dns service, (for ipv6 2001:4860:4860::8888/2001:4860:4860::8844).
we can treat these two as and or just make it as

IP/CIDR IP Begin IP End Netmask
Google IP Address Ranges by @sskaje:

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