PHP ODBC Connect Cloudera Impala and Hive


CentOS 5.5
PHP 5.3.10
(This article also works for PHP 5.3.3 on CentOS 6).



UnixODBC can be installed from yum repo

I built a unixODBC 2.3.2 from source, installed to /usr/local/unixODBC

ODBC Connectors

Cloudera offers ODBC libs for both Hive and Impala:

Follow the install guide on urls above, only wget and yum –nogpgcheck localinstall xxx.rpm required.
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PHP ODBC Connect Cloudera Impala and Hive by @sskaje:

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MySQL/Hive/Presto/Impala Transposition

Rows to Columns

Rows to Comma Separated String


Use GROUP_CONCAT(). This function also works in Infobright.
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MySQL/Hive/Presto/Impala Transposition by @sskaje:

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