Ubnt EdgeRouter Lite 和 EdgeRouter X 上安装使用SNIProxy

EdgerRouter Lite和EdgerRouter X使用的固件版本 1.9.0 是基于debian wheezy的,但是debian wheezy现在已经进入LTS了,mips和mipsel不在官方的维护架构里,以至于现在无法使用官方的apt更新debian-security,而且在ubnt的路由上,安装很多开发库都没法搞了。

EdgerRoute Lite 使用的是mips64,debian源里需要用 mips 的包;而 EdgeRoute X 使用的是mipsel。

EdgeRouter Lite

EdgeRouter X



待补充。我已经把构建好的包发到了 http://dl.sskaje.me/debian/



EdgeRouter Lite 请使用mips

EdgeRouter X 请使用mipsel



按我的需求,官方的功能没法满足,所以我对官方的源码做了一些改动,具体可见 https://github.com/sskaje/sniproxy


首先修改 /etc/default/sniproxy,这样才可以使用init的脚本启动


Ubnt EdgeRouter Lite 和 EdgeRouter X 上安装使用SNIProxy by @sskaje: https://sskaje.me/2016/11/install-sniproxy-ubnt-edgerouter-lite-edgerouter/

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Hive ODBC Connection ETIMEDOUT

I was trying to connect TableAU to Cloudera Hadoop on Windows, every time I got an error saying ETIMEDOUT, no other error message can be found.

To solve this, make sure HiveServer 2 can be selected, and for Authentication Mechanism, choose Username and then type ‘hive‘ in the Username text.

Hive ODBC Connection ETIMEDOUT by @sskaje: https://sskaje.me/2015/03/hive-odbc-etimedout/

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Infobright 企业版数据导入和数据擦写实验


实验环境的日志系统使用 rsyslog -> flume-ng -> IEE/HDFS.
使用Flume-ng自带的HDFS Sink写HDFS的方案一直很稳定,目录按天分,写脚本预先创建目录、加Hive分区,使用hive进行分析。

Flume-ng 找人写了个简单的入mysql的插件,单加了一个队列,把日志文件切分后按列送进mysql,插件要求数据库insert使用prepare批量处理insert。
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Infobright 企业版数据导入和数据擦写实验 by @sskaje: https://sskaje.me/2015/01/infobright-iee-data-testing/

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YARN NodeManager Failed to Start

I upgraded my CDH, one of my NodeNamager cannot be brought up.
NullPointer Exceptions were found in error log:

I tried deleting all ZooKeeper-related configs(which you can find it from Manually Upgrade CDH 5.2 in CM 5, exact the YARN part), not working.
Deleted the NodeManager instance and then reinstall, same.

Many ‘Recovering application’ and ‘Recovering localized resource’ were found in that log file:

Deleted those, still failed.

And, in the start-up message part,

‘/tmp/hadoop-yarn/’ were read every on starting.
The solution is, stop the instance, delete ‘/tmp/hadoop-yarn/’ from local filesystem, start the instance.

YARN NodeManager Failed to Start by @sskaje: https://sskaje.me/2014/11/yarn-nodemanager-failed-start/

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Missing Hive Databases in Cloudera Hue

I created some new databases using hive cli, but those are not listed in Hue. The browser I’m using is Google Chrome.

I logged out and re-login, failed.

I deleted all cached browser files, failed.

I checked cookies, nothing found there.

No API queries are found in the Network tab.

I noticed the ‘Local Storage’ in Chrome’s Developer Tools, many configurations are cached there.
Delete those and re-login.

Missing Hive Databases in Cloudera Hue by @sskaje: https://sskaje.me/2014/11/missing-hive-databases-cloudera-hue/