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By @sskaje
Link: provides free DDNS service, compatible with DynDNS’s update format.
Link: Dynamic DNS on

I’m using Ubiquiti EdgeRouter Lite, Dynamic DNS support can be found from web GUI console, but the server address is not configurable.

Here is a copy of my config:

You can also configure from CLI.

1 Pick the right interface
2 Set server
3 DO NOT SAVE OR UPDATE FROM WEB GUI CONSOLE! Dynamic DNS on Ubiquiti Router by @sskaje:

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杂七杂八 笔记

Dynamic DNS on

By @sskaje

I was using ZoneEdit and set my ddns there like:

But it’s worse than it was.

The, hurricane electronic, was known by its IPv6 tunnel, also providing free dynamic dns service, no monthly reactivation required like no-ip.
Register and Sign in, add a domain and add an A record, check the Enable entry for dynamic dns, save and then click the renew icon, which means Generate a DDNS key, generate the key or enter your own key twice, save.

Then curl like:


Dynamic DNS on by @sskaje: