Setup WPAD on EdgeRouter

Previously, I wrote Setup WPAD on Asus Merlin.

Similar on EdgeRouter.

1 Configure Domain name.


DHCP service

2 Prepare wpad.dat

I don’t have wpad.dat deployed on my router, but an internal Ubuntu server with nginx as httpd, IP
wpad.dat is located to default server root, if you have your custom, make sure you have in your server_name directive.


3 Configure Domain

I’ve moved all my dnsmasq configurations out of EdgeRouter’s configure mode, save under /config/etc and linked to /etc.

I added following line to any .conf under /etc/dnsmasq.d/

And restart dnsmasq

4 Configure DHCP Options

And my dhcp-server configure looks like

DO NOT try use-dnsmasq if you have a subnet with CIDR not in {8,16,24}.

Setup WPAD on EdgeRouter by @sskaje:

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