Ubnt EdgeRouter Lite 和 EdgeRouter X 上安装使用SNIProxy

EdgerRouter Lite和EdgerRouter X使用的固件版本 1.9.0 是基于debian wheezy的,但是debian wheezy现在已经进入LTS了,mips和mipsel不在官方的维护架构里,以至于现在无法使用官方的apt更新debian-security,而且在ubnt的路由上,安装很多开发库都没法搞了。

EdgerRoute Lite 使用的是mips64,debian源里需要用 mips 的包;而 EdgeRoute X 使用的是mipsel。

EdgeRouter Lite

EdgeRouter X



待补充。我已经把构建好的包发到了 http://dl.sskaje.me/debian/



EdgeRouter Lite 请使用mips

EdgeRouter X 请使用mipsel



按我的需求,官方的功能没法满足,所以我对官方的源码做了一些改动,具体可见 https://github.com/sskaje/sniproxy


首先修改 /etc/default/sniproxy,这样才可以使用init的脚本启动


Ubnt EdgeRouter Lite 和 EdgeRouter X 上安装使用SNIProxy by @sskaje: https://sskaje.me/2016/11/install-sniproxy-ubnt-edgerouter-lite-edgerouter/

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L2TP Remote Access Server on UBNT EdgeRouter

EdgeRouter Lite with Firmware 1.9.0

L2TP PSK Mode.

WAN interface: eth1
VPN Subnets:

Run commands below in ‘configure mode’.

1 Configure IPSec

2 Configure L2TP

3 Configure DNS
Make sure you have following lines, otherwise you can get DNS resolved.

L2TP Remote Access Server on UBNT EdgeRouter by @sskaje: https://sskaje.me/2016/10/l2tp-remote-access-server-ubnt-edgerouter/

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EdgeRouter OpenVPN Connectivity Monitor

VPN protocols are censored and blocked in China.

I’ve set up an PPTP client and a Site-to-site OpenVPN connection on my EdgeRouter Lite.

PPTP is insecure and is easier to censor, so I’ve removed PPTP client from my router.

OpenVPN is better than PPTP, not only secured, but also much more stable. But traffics are occasionally lost, reset works at most cases.

But I cannot get ssh access anywhere anytime, so I have to write an script monitor and run ‘reset’ if necessary.

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EdgeRouter OpenVPN Connectivity Monitor by @sskaje: https://sskaje.me/2016/08/edgerouter-openvpn-connectivity-monitor/

EdgeRouter Firewall Rule for HE TunnelBroker

EdgeRouter Firewall Rule for HE TunnelBroker by @sskaje: https://sskaje.me/2016/07/edgerouter-firewall-rule-tunnelbroker/

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