Convert SVG with xlink image to PNG

Only with ImageMagick.

1 identify -list policy

If you see output below:

Modify Path above, comment those like

2 If you have svg somewhere other than your own disk, download it first.

3 Convert

if that doesn’t work, try

Convert SVG with xlink image to PNG by @sskaje:

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Image Thumbnail Proxy

A friend of mine asked me how to check if a file exists remotely (http 404) so that he can create thumbnail for images which don’t have a thumbnail of that size.

As what he planned to do, a visitor browse his page, his script will check all images ready for rendering have a suitable thumbnail.

Checking a HTTP 404 is quite easy, but it’s not wise checking on page’s loading, if there are n images to be checked, a single page visit would makes server requests n to 2*n times for checking/generating thumbnail. These requests are useless at most time.
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Image Thumbnail Proxy by @sskaje: