Missing Hive Databases in Cloudera Hue

I created some new databases using hive cli, but those are not listed in Hue. The browser I’m using is Google Chrome.

I logged out and re-login, failed.

I deleted all cached browser files, failed.

I checked cookies, nothing found there.

No API queries are found in the Network tab.

I noticed the ‘Local Storage’ in Chrome’s Developer Tools, many configurations are cached there.
Delete those and re-login.

Missing Hive Databases in Cloudera Hue by @sskaje: https://sskaje.me/2014/11/missing-hive-databases-cloudera-hue/

Manually Upgrade CDH 5.2 in CM 5

I was interrupted again when upgrading CDH.


This time, NameNode was not started, I have to bring them up and resume the upgrade progress.
I didn’t save any log about NN’s error, stop all HDFS components and ran ‘Upgrade HDFS Metadata‘, then start HDFS.


Next, YARN.
I started YARN, and then all other services. Hive went down, then YARN.
I checked CM’s monitor:

I found both instances of ResourceManager were ‘Standby‘.

Here is what I found from /var/log/hadoop-yarn/hadoop-cmf-yarn-RESOURCEMANAGER-hadoop4.xxx.com.log.out

Google helps a lot: http://community.cloudera.com/t5/Cloudera-Manager-Installation/CDH-5-YARN-Resource-Manager-HA-deadlock-in-Kerberos-cluster/td-p/14396

In /opt/cloudera/parcels/CDH/lib/zookeeper/bin/zkCli.sh,

one by one, because zkCli.sh does not have wildcard support.


I just guessed that hive didn’t work because of YARN, but I was wrong.
I checked all hive related commands executed by CM:

So I stopped Hive, ran Update Hive Metastore NameNodes and Upgrade Hive Metastore Database Schema, none of them worked but with the error message above.
I got more from logs:

The schemaTool reminded me, I manually upgraded hive metastore in Feb: Hive MetaStore Schema Upgrade Failed When Upgrading CDH5.
But this time, dbType should be postgres instead of derby.(Derby is not supported by Impala, that’s why I changed to postgresql embedded in Cloudera Manager.)

I cann’t find the terminal output, but when I ran:

I found a similar output (only first few lines) to the blog post above, saying schemaTool was trying to connect to derby

I re-deploy hive’s client configuration, and checked /etc/hive/conf/hive-site.xml, and compared with /var/run/cloudera-scm-agent/process/4525-hive-HIVEMETASTORE/hive-site.xml,
xml under /etc uses hive metastore’s thrift server and that under CM’s running folder speicified the exact database connection. schemaTool uses the /etc one.
So I replaced /etc one with CM’s, and then redo upgradeSchema:

Same error as I saw in CM’s log, plpgsql does not exist. Fix this by:

You can find password from the xml I mentioned above of file like

If you meet error message saying OWNER_NAME or OWNER_TYPE already exists in table DBS, open /opt/cloudera/parcels/CDH/lib/hive/scripts/metastore/upgrade/postgres/016-HIVE-6386.postgres.sql and comment/delete the two ALTER TABLE lines.

Manually Upgrade CDH 5.2 in CM 5 by @sskaje: https://sskaje.me/2014/10/manually-upgrade-cdh-5-2-cm-5/

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Shark 0.9.1 Snapshot Working with CDH 4.6.0 Now

The Shark 0.9.x(0.9.0, 0.9.1) are still pre-release: https://github.com/amplab/shark/releases

Previously supplied 0.9.0 Prebuild with Hadoop2, CDH4.5.0: shark-0.9.0-hadoop2-bin is not really working with CDH 4.5.0, so I tried to compile Build Shark 0.9 for CDH 4, Install Spark/Shark on CDH 4

Some days later, 0.9.1 is out at the https://github.com/amplab/shark/tree/branch-0.9, the patched hive is uploaded to maven repo and can be put in lib_managed now.

I have 5 nodes for my CDH 4 test, hadoop1 – hadoop5, HDFS NameNode HA on hadoop5 + hadoop4, nameservice1.
Spark master locates on hadoop5, works on all nodes.
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Shark 0.9.1 Snapshot Working with CDH 4.6.0 Now by @sskaje: https://sskaje.me/2014/03/shark-0-9-1-snapshot-working-cdh-4-6-0/

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CDH 4 HA Related Problems


I meet ‘Failed to initialize High Availability state in ZooKeeper. This might be because a ZNode for this nameservice is already created. Either remove the ZNode, or to reuse the ZNode skip this step and simply start the NameNodes and Failover Controllers. To retry, use the “Initialize High Availability state in ZooKeeper” command available as a Failover Controller action.‘ When I was trying to enable automatic failover for HDFS in Cloudera Manager after HA being enabled.

Error logs:

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CDH 4 HA Related Problems by @sskaje: https://sskaje.me/2014/02/cdh-4-ha-related-problems/

Cloudera Archive Mirror Updated for CM5 & CDH5

Latest Updates @ https://sskaje.me/cloudera-mirror/

Cloudera just released it’s CDH 5 beta download here, this time their don’t use the beta.cloudera.com as non-release product’s repo.

URL: http://cloudera.rst.im/ RHEL/CentOS 6 Only.

You may download Cloudera Manager 4 installer from http://cloudera.rst.im/cm4/installer/latest/
And use http://cloudera.rst.im/cm4/redhat/6/x86_64/cm/4.7.2/ as your yum repo for CM 4.7.2.

Or Cloudera Manager 5 installer from http://cloudera.rst.im/cm5/installer/latest/,
And use http://cloudera.rst.im/cm4/redhat/6/x86_64/cm/5/ as your yum repo for CM 5.

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Cloudera Archive Mirror Updated for CM5 & CDH5 by @sskaje: https://sskaje.me/2013/10/cloudera-archive-mirror-updated-for-cm5-cdh5/

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