Use ETAS ES582 on Ubuntu 20.04

ES582 – USB CAN FD Bus Interface by ETAS, not supported by python-can for now(20210717), but engineers from Bosch/ETAS have commit code to Linux Kernel, can be found in 5.13+.

Kernel version of Ubuntu 20.04 is 5.8.x, download latest stable kernel from Kernel PPA Mainline, 5.13.2 for now.

Download 3 “generic” debs for your arch, and install by dpkg -i, reboot.

Next, lsmod | grep etas, if it’s not loaded by default, load by sudo modprobe etas_es58x.

Plug your ES582 into USB, sudo dmesg check if it’s recognized, then ip a, you should be able to see can0 and can1.

ES582 is so EXPENSIVE. To test the CAN/CANFD, get a DB9 connector and connect like this.

Now we get CAN High and CAN low connected like on a CAN BUS, we’re able to communicate between CAN0 and CAN1.

Then we configure can0 and can1 to support CANFD.

sudo ip link set can0 type can bitrate 1000000 triple-sampleing on fd on dbitrate 2000000

sudo ip link set can0 up

Same on can1.

Install can-utils and in terminal 1 send to can0 and terminal 2 dump on can1.

cansend can0 211##1112233445566

candump -L can1


Available options for ip command:

Use ETAS ES582 on Ubuntu 20.04 by @sskaje: