VMware Fusion: Cannot connect to a valid peer process

I ran VMware Fusion 10 on macOS, and got this error when starting a VM.
Cannot connect to a valid peer process

I googled, most guys says to trust developer from Preferences.app, but I’ve already trusted.

I checked process list, only:

I tried this on another working mac:

Those processes are started by /Applications/VMware\ Fusion.app/Contents/Library/services/services.sh.

In this file, find

Uncomment those two lines, and re-run, check “/tmp/debug”:

Verbose output

Compare signatures

I Googled again and found https://communities.vmware.com/thread/584909 saying unload some kernel extensions might work.

I remember VMware Fusion turned not working days after I installed VirtualBox and rebooted, so I remove VirtualBox.app and unload all useless extensions:

No error now.

VMware Fusion: Cannot connect to a valid peer process by @sskaje: https://sskaje.me/2018/05/vmware-fusion-connect-valid-peer-process/

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Convert PDF to Image by @sskaje: https://sskaje.me/2018/05/convert-pdf-image/