PHP bug 41655 test failed

If you see error below when ‘make test’ after building php


Remember: You can build PHP almost everywhere, but you CANNOT make test IF YOU ARE BUILDING UNDER /tmp!

PHP bug 41655 test failed by @sskaje:

VMware XP bypass virtual machine detection

Turn off your VM and add following to vmx:

Tested on VMware Fusion + Windows XP.

VMware XP bypass virtual machine detection by @sskaje:

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Install Debian MIPS and Debian PowerPC on OSX

I tried MacPorts, but its qemu does not have qemu-system-ppc or qemu-system-mips. Even though, I have qemu installed under macports, if you see any dependency missing, try to port install qemu and then uninstall.

OSX 10.11.5

Install QEMU

Download 2.6.0 from, configure and make like:

I did not see any error, Google if you see any.

Install Debian MIPS

Debian official installer only have netboot image. All you need is GOOD INTERNET CONNECTION, don’t download iso from debian cd mirror.


Download vmlinux and initrd.


Create Image


Follow the instructions, almost same as debian x86/x86_64.
You may be asked to configure and mount partition, I picked one partition and choose ext4 and mount to /.

Now, you have to wait for a long long time…


Just continue.


NO -initrd
-append “root=/dev/sda1”

If you want to exit qemu under nographic:
press ctrl+a, then c (no ctrl), type quit, hit enter.

Install Debian PowerPC

Similar to MIPS, but debian provides cdrom installer.

vmlinux, initrd.gz




You may see similar error message above saying quik loader failed to install, just ignore it.
And, for PowerPC, no -kernel and no -append is required.
You can also forward ssh to local loopback.

Install Debian MIPS and Debian PowerPC on OSX by @sskaje:

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Click Button and Read Text from Other Program on Windows

I have a protected application on windows, normally my clients have to run that program, click a button, copy some text from another text control, upload to somewhere…

I need to find a solution simulate button click and read the text control.

There are two buttons, generate and exit, and a text control.

Here is what I did in C++, build under Windows XP + Visual C++ 6.0/7.0 in CLI.

1 Run the program.

Sleep is required here, to ensure that you can find correct control.

2 Find controls

These CtrlID can be read by many *Spy app on windows.

3 Perform click and read from text control

In my case, Sleep is also required after BM_CLICK was sent to target program, otherwise I may have to click more than once.
So, I wrote a loop

I tried GetDlgItemText and GetWindowText, neither of these two works to get text from the control.
WM_GETTEXTLENGTH and then WM_GETTEXT is the best choice so far as I know.

4 Click Exit

Click Button and Read Text from Other Program on Windows by @sskaje: