Rsync to Synology

I want to rsync something from/to my Synology DS214Play:

To make rsync works, ‘–rsync-path=/usr/syno/bin/rsync’ should be set from client side.

Rsync to Synology by @sskaje:

EdgeRouter Lite: Source Based Routing

I have on my eth0 as LAN, VPN set up.
For some cases, I want to visit some web site via VPN, I set up a socks 5 proxy.
But socks 5 is not an option for iPhone & Android by default.

So I added to eth0 at the same time, traffic from are all forwarded to VPN interface.

If I want my iPhone traffic fully routed to VPN, I just need to change my iPhone WiFi addresses.

EdgeRouter Lite: Source Based Routing by @sskaje: