Infobright 企业版数据导入和数据擦写实验


实验环境的日志系统使用 rsyslog -> flume-ng -> IEE/HDFS.
使用Flume-ng自带的HDFS Sink写HDFS的方案一直很稳定,目录按天分,写脚本预先创建目录、加Hive分区,使用hive进行分析。

Flume-ng 找人写了个简单的入mysql的插件,单加了一个队列,把日志文件切分后按列送进mysql,插件要求数据库insert使用prepare批量处理insert。
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Infobright 企业版数据导入和数据擦写实验 by @sskaje:

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Ocserv IPv6

I’m using AnyConnect both on iOS and OS X, you can read previously posted article on my blog: anyconnect, openconnect, ocserv.

You can find ipv6-network and ipv6-prefix in ocserv’s sample.config:

which means ocserv should be compatible with IPv6.
And, in AnyConnect for iOS, ipv6 can be found somewhere, seems ipv6 is also compatible here.

My VPN is hosted on Linode VPS. Linode provides free IPv6 address pool. Open a ticket and ask for an address pool, you’ll get your own pool routed to your VPS’s ipv6 address.
After that, set the ipv6-network and ipv6-prefix.

Ocserv 0.8.9 does not send correct headers to AnyConnect for iOS, but 0.9.0-dev does.
I can now get a correct ipv6 address on my iPhone but with no connectivity. As it’s said, X-CSTP-Split-Include/Exclude is not well handled by AnyConnect for IPv6 addresses.
After that, I tried the latest AnyConnect for OSX, you can download it here:

IPv6 is also assigned to my MBP, also with route, but still not working.

Ocserv IPv6 by @sskaje:

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