Macbook Pro Boot Failure


I’m using MacBook Pro with Retina Display, Mid 2012. Partition is not changed, Volume label is ‘Macintosh HD‘.

I was trying to wake my macbook pro up in airport, the monitor was not lightened. Then I forced shutdown and reboot, monitor was still dark. I tried a lot, not work.
I thought I should reset PRAM, after that I saw the apple logo with gray progress bar, running to 20% at most, then computer shutdown.

UPDATE[2014-10-11]: One of my friends met the same progress bar, but resetting PRAM works for him.

I can’t remember how to get the OS X into Verbose Mode on starting up, and I lost my Internet access.
I tried to enter Recovery Mode by holding Option key, tried to repair using diskutil repairDisk and diskutil repairVolume, and repair with Disk Utility, non of them worked.

In Recovery Mode, Macintosh HD partition is automatically mounted by running mount from Terminal.
I didn’t try but I feel like the partition can be also mounted from Disk Utility, but it was failed in Disk Utility from Bootable OS X USB Installer.
Mounting from Terminal also failed.


fsck should not be forget.
I ran it without arguments in Terminal from the usb installer.

Quick check


More details this time

Fix Catalog BTREE

Errors were thrown from ‘Checking catalog file‘, so the first step is rebuild the catalog tree.
In fsck_hfs’s manual, rebuilding btree can be used with following options:

-R flags Rebuilds the requested btree. The following flags are supported:
a Attribute btree
c Catalog btree
e Extents overflow btree
Rebuilding a btree will only work if there is enough free space on the file system for
the new btree file, and if fsck_hfs is able to traverse each of the nodes in the
requested btree successfully. Rebuilding btrees is not supported on HFS Standard vol-umes. volumes.

-r Rebuild the catalog btree. This is synonymous with -Rc.

Rebuild Extents Overflow BTREE

Errors were still thrown when ‘Checking extended attributes file‘, so fsck_hfs -Re

Not working.

Rebuild Attribute BTREE

I don’t know what to, fsck -f does not work, so I just try fsck_hfs -Ra, see if it can work, I’ve made all preparations to repartition and format my SSD.

I can hardly believe, so I retried:

* Methods for starting up your Mac

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