Make FTP Active Mode Passive

First thing I should say is about the FTP active/passive mode, or say PORT/PASV mode.
We can read the differences from wikipedia or Active FTP vs. Passive FTP, a Definitive Explanation.

The two mode indicates who initialise the data connection and the active/passive is used to describe server’s action.
Active mode: server create a connection to the port client gives.
Passive mode: server receive a connection from a client.

I saw a program implements its own ftp client, only active mode is supported, which means the server must have a *direct* access to any port client tells server to connect to, and the program is NOT patchable.
I need to make this program running behind a router and many many levels of VPN/PPPoE servers, if I want ftp client working, I have to set up lots of NAT and port forwarding, if I have more than one client, I may need dynamic port forwarding, that is a bad solution.

CLIENTS ======> VPN/PPPoE Server 1 =======> VPN/PPPoE Server 2 =======> VPN/PPPoE Server 3 =======> SERVER NETWORK

Good news is the FTP server supports passive mode, if I can set up a proxy/gateway in the same subnet clients locate, which can forward the active mode to a passive mode connection, clients may work.


I found a FTP proxy: jftpgw.

jftpgw is an FTP proxy/gateway that uses the FTP protocol (unlike those FTP proxies that fetch an FTP file but work as an http proxy). You can use it to make servers behind a firewall/NAT server (masquerading server) accessible or to allow users behind such solutions to transfer files to and from the outside of the LAN.


Remote FTP Server IP/Port:
FTP account/password: aaaaaa/bbbbbb

VPN/PPPoE Server:
VPN/PPPoE Subnet:
PPPoE device on Server: ppp2560 (by setting up unit in peers’ config)

PPTP/L2TP: Notes: PPTP/L2TP Server on Ubuntu
PPPoE: Set up PPPoE Server on Ubuntu




This should be set up at VPN Server 1 to hijack connections and forward to local ftp proxy.

Make FTP Active Mode Passive by @sskaje:

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