OpenConnect DNS Only + Google Only

I’m using 4G by China Mobile, but the DNS it provides really sucks. Changing DNS from Cellular Data on a not-jailbroken iPhone is impossible so far as I know (I tried mobileconfig but can find any working options).

The first idea is pushing DNS from a PPTP server, which I wrote: Notes: PPTP/L2TP Server on Ubuntu.
I can create two connections on my iOS, one set default route, one not. All users share a same setting from PPTPd, it’s almost impossible if I want to use a different DNS in these two connections, changing default pptp port from 1723 to others is not as easy as it is on windows.
Don’t forget that PPTP is what GF*W likes.

Here is another option: OpenConnect
I have an OpenConnect server running on my VPS, which supports per user/group config, so that I can push a different DNS with a matched route line(if I really need it).

I have my vpn client name as ‘dnsonly’, so add a file /opt/ocserv/etc/config-per-user/dnsonly
The dns line in per user conf does not work as it’s said in manual, so I just add

to etc/config
EDIT: this has been fixed.

To make my vpn server as default route, I don’t add any route lines to etc/config, to make the vpn server work for dns only, and to keep dns from being polluted, route to should not be forgot.

All other routes for Google (Google IP Address Ranges):

OpenConnect DNS Only + Google Only by @sskaje:

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