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Fix Alternatives for Cloudera Manager + CDH

By @sskaje

Earlier post: Fix Hadoop Conf Alternatives for CDH5

I tried to upgrade Cloudera Manager + CDH 5.0.0 beta 1 and beta 2 from CM+CDH 4 then downgrade and delete, found many alternatives were installed on my small cluster, that made my lately installed CM+CDH 4 and CM+CDH 5 not working well, all because of the dirty uninstallation of CM + CDH 5 beta-s.

To fix these alternatives, I wrote a python script, read default alternative configurations, check all currently installed alternatives and delete broken links, install defaults and bring down priority, so we can use ‘Deploy Client Configuration’ in CM to set up the correct ones.


Tested only under centos 6.

Fix Alternatives for Cloudera Manager + CDH by @sskaje: