OpenConnect on Ubuntu

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OpenConnect is an open source implementation of Cisco’s AnyConnect SSL VPN which is natively supported by iOS(You can create profile with Apple Configurator like iOS IPSec VPN Server on Ubuntu).

OpenConnect VPN Server can be found on and downloaded from, manual
Let’s build it on Ubuntu 13.10!

Download & Extract


OpenConnect requires GNUTLS 3.0+ which is libgnutls28 in Ubuntu;
libseccomp-dev is mis-spelled in README;
libhttp-parser-dev is offered in Ubuntu Trusty(14.04)


Let’s configure it as simple as possible like:

Then make:

To solve this:


Create config folder and copy sample config.

Create configurations

Certificate related: Generate Certificate with GnuTLS and Sign with OpenSSL

config file like…(I’ll upload it later)

Add User(Plain)

Start & Stop

iOS Connect

This time, you need to have Cisco AnyConnect installed on your iDevice, Apple Configurator is not necessory.
I added a ‘’ route but does not yet work for me.

Trouble Shooting

Debug foreground

If you see this error, you need to copy dbus config files to /etc:

OpenConnect on Ubuntu by @sskaje:

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