CDH 4 HA Related Problems


I meet ‘Failed to initialize High Availability state in ZooKeeper. This might be because a ZNode for this nameservice is already created. Either remove the ZNode, or to reuse the ZNode skip this step and simply start the NameNodes and Failover Controllers. To retry, use the “Initialize High Availability state in ZooKeeper” command available as a Failover Controller action.‘ When I was trying to enable automatic failover for HDFS in Cloudera Manager after HA being enabled.

Error logs:

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Create Windows 7/8 Bootable USB Drive on OS X

This note works for Windows (e.g. Windows 7, Windows 8, …), Linux … ISO image only, and all commands in Terminal.

If you’re interested in using Disk Utility, try this: Create OS X Mavericks Bootable USB Drive from AppStore Release, but DON’T forget to unmount partitions.

To launch a Terminal, simply open Spotlight and type Terminal, in most cases, you can see Terminal listed after ‘Ter‘.

For Windows 7/8 or later, Boot Camp Assistant is the BEST tool.
In ‘Select Tasks‘, CHECK ‘Create a Windows 7 or later version disk’ and UNCHECK all others.
In ‘Create Bootable USB Drive for Windows Installation‘, choose the right usb destination disk.

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从 下载CSV格式的城市数据库

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Prestodb Command Line Client Output Formats

Output format is not listed in cli client help.

In presto-cli/src/main/java/com/facebook/presto/cli/

Output like:
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MySQL/Hive/Presto/Impala Transposition

Rows to Columns

Rows to Comma Separated String


Use GROUP_CONCAT(). This function also works in Infobright.
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