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mallory proxy update

By @sskaje

Here is my fork of mallory:, which, as it’s said, is a powerful TCP/UDP proxy, but way too old.
Here you can find how to install it, but the official repo one.

I created a pull request here, but seems IntrepidusGroup guys are not working on this anymore.

And the TCP/UDP raw protocol debug still not work for me. Hope I can figure it out one day.

Btw, quotes of my commit logs:

1 Add global config class MalloryConfig and MalloryConfigVars, MalloryConfigObject
2 Pass global config use Debugger/RPC as a JSON string from mallory cli to gui
3 Move mallory rpc uri settings to MalloryConfig
4 Change Gui constructor parameters, make dbname accessed from MalloryConfig
5 Make mallory listen port(–listen) readable by Gui to make iptables working for a non-default port (using MalloryConfig)
6 Add –datadir/-D option, make ‘../db/’ configurable. Database name, path are accessed from MalloryConfig instead of the hardcoded relative path
7 Add iptables backup & restore scripts
8 Backup iptables rules before applying MiTM hijack and restore on GUI exit(MalloryGui.closeEvent()), backup files locates at ${datadir}/mallory_iptables_backup
9 Sleep 5 sec if there connection problems occurs 5 times in MalloryGui.check_for_de(), this helps when ctrl+c to a running for GUI terminal
10 iptables won’t be execute if either outbound interface or mitm interface is empty
11 Trying to fix Issue #15, non-tcp protocols still have problems
12 Upgrade Pyro to Pyro4, make pickle as default serializer, might be insecure
13 Move RPC related config (host, port, name, etc) into MalloryConfig
14 Support unixsocket for RPC
15 Fix shebang for and
16 Replace deprecated Sets with built-in set
17 Fix SETUP file for Ubuntu 13.10, including apt-get, easy_install …
18 Remove built-in dnspython package, do easy_install dnspython instead
19 Fix M2Crypto.X509.* import in protocol.sslproto, then comment this import line
20 Fix symlink in
21 Fix apt-get package dependencies, python package dependencies in
22 Fix PIL.ImageChops in

You can hardly believe how bad bitbucket’s WYSWYG editor is.

mallory proxy update by @sskaje: